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    Welcome to the Coindexter Club. The Coindexter Club makes it fun to learn about money with videos, games, quizzes and calculators that will put you on course to become a financial genius.

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    What’s the purpose of the Coindexter Club?

    The Coindexter Club is designed to teach children about money. The primary educational objectives center around the topics of earning, saving, spending and investing.

    What will my child find on the Coindexter Club website?

    The primary learning tool is a collection of educational videos that focus on several different topics about money. These short, but effective, videos provide children with the information they need to understand the financial concepts behind each topic. Additional features found on the website include activities on related topics such as careers, interest, a chore chart and more.

    What is the targeted age range of the Coindexter program?

    The program is designed for children from 6-12 years of age.

    Does the Coindexter Club offer any supporting materials to supplement my child’s learning?

    Coindexter licensees have the option to offer interactive newsletters, activity books, and other collateral that enhances your child’s learning progress. Please check with your credit union or bank to determine what materials are offered.

    What is the cost of membership in the Coindexter Club?

    Membership is free to members of participating credit unions and banks.

    How do I enroll my child in the Coindexter Club?

    Contact your credit union or bank to inquire about obtaining membership for your child. The process is fast and easy, so your child can begin enjoying the benefits of membership right away.

    How can I be involved in my child’s membership in the Coindexter Club?

    Your child’s financial education will be favorably impacted by your involvement to ensure their understanding of financial terms and concepts. By providing your input on each topic covered in the program, your child will learn at a faster pace.

    Is new educational information provided periodically to keep my child challenged?

    Each quarter, a new video is added to the program that covers a new topic or a related topic in more detail. Plus, the quarterly newsletters offered in the program are mailed directly to your child, and feature new, custom-illustrated themes to increase your child’s understanding on a variety of financial topics.

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