Spending Money in Econopolis

Downtown Econopolis

There is no better place for a shopping spree than Downtown Econopolis! With several stores to visit including Thrifty Threads Clothing Emporium, Clipperino's Hair Salon, and the Gear Shop, there is something for every Coindexter Club member Downtown. Purchasing new items is a fun way to reward your hard work and, in some cases, can even help you earn more money in the future! But don't spend everything you earn. Over-spending will hurt your Coindexter Club member status!

Thrifty Threads

Thrifty Threads Clothing Emporium has everything you need to stay current on the latest Econopolis fashion trends. Coindexter Club members can purchase new shirts, pants, outfits, shoes, hats, backpacks and accessories from this convenient and affordable boutique. With new items being added all the time, it pays to visit Thrifty Threads often in order to stay current on the latest trends!


Bored with yesterday's hairdo? Head over to Clipperino's for your choice of length, color, and style. With a Clipperino's haircut, your avatar will stay on the cutting edge. The stylists at Clipperino's are constantly coming up with new, trendy styles, so visit Clipperino's whenever you are ready to change your look.

The Gear Shop

Ready to earn more money? Upgrade your equipment at the Gear Shop to maximize your earning potential. Their massive inventory includes upgrades for many original Coindexter inventions including the Grime Blaster and Coindexter's Newspaper Delivery Vehicle (NPDV 2000). By collecting all of the equipment upgrades to Professor Coindexter's designs, you will see your earning potential skyrocket!

Farmer Franc's Barn

For a change of pace, head over to the Barnyard and visit Farmer Franc's Barn. Farmer Franc has produced a new breed of pig based on Professor Coindexter's research. These fat, floating companions will allow Coindexter Club members to hold more money as they explore the city. With a range of sizes (and personalities) to choose from, these piggy banks make for convenient companions.

Bubbles Sea Creature Emporium

Customize your very own fish tank with sea creatures and tank decorations from Bubbles! Your fish stank is stored in the Attic Clubhouse, so visit your watery friends often, so they don't get lonely!

Balloon Cocoons

You can purchase or rent your very own hot air balloon! But don't stop there. Customize your balloon with furniture and items from Balloon Cocoons. Your hot air balloon is tethered to the the Coindexter Mansion and can be accessed by climbing the ladder in the Coindexter Mansion.

The Money Manager

For each purchase, players use the standardized Coindexter Money Manager. The Money Manager allows players to pay with cash, if there is enough money in the player's wallet or piggy bank, or by check to have the funds automatically deducted from their virtual account. Each purchase requires players to manually tally the amount spent using standard currency denomination symbols in order to reinforce money counting and currency recognition.

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