Money in Econopolis

Wallet & Piggy Banks

Coindexter Club members can either carry money with them in a wallet/piggy bank or deposit their earnings into a savings account. Wallets and piggy banks are limited in size and can only hold a small amount, so players are encouraged to make frequent deposits to their virtual savings accounts in order to avoid disappointing losses. Players can upgrade the size of their wallet account by purchasing a piggy bank from Farmer Franc's Barn. These floating pigs follow the player around the city and protect the player's earnings from harm.

Depositing Money

To deposit money to a savings account, players can either visit the financial institution downtown, or use one of the convenient ATMs scattered throughout the city. By saving, players can increase their membership status and unlock new areas, games, items, and activities throughout the virtual world. Savings accounts also earn interest, so players can deposit their earnings and watch their account balance grow over time.

Creating Goals

Coindexter Club members learn the importance of setting savings goals and working towards accomplishing these goals. With the savings goal manager, players can track their progress toward reaching their goal. Players can also use the savings goal calculator to determine how long it will take to reach a particular goal.

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