Privacy Policy

November 19, 2015 (The Coindexter Club and Coindexter Junior) is owned and operated by Applause Learning, Inc. of Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA. This Privacy Policy explains how we use the information collected on and our Coindexter and Coindexter Junior mobile applications.

Our objective in offering the website and Coindexter mobile applications is to provide games that are wholesome, fun, and safe. In addition, we strive to make these games beneficial in helping people of all ages learn more about money by introducing players to financial concepts. We are committed to safeguarding any personal information collected through our applications. Our information practices and our Privacy Policy adhere to the United States Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

Information We Collect

When a child logs on to or a Coindexter application with the intent to register as a player, the registration process requires that the child enter a screen name, a password, and the email address of the parent or legal guardian. This information allows the child to play games at no charge. If the child chooses to enroll on as a paid user, we require that additional personally identifiable information (PII) is provided by the child's parent or legal guardian. The type of information that we require may include the parent's full name, email address, and credit card information that includes the parent or guardian's mailing address. No portion of the website requires that a child or parent provide more information than what is required for the child to participate in that activity of the website. We do not collect, store, or share any personal identifiable information or location data in our Coindexter Junior mobile applications.

What We Do With The Information We Collect

We use the parent's email address to communicate all changes, additions, improvements and news related to the site. We also use the parent's email address to notify the parent of the status of the child's account. We do not sell or exchange any of the personal information we collect with any other entity and the email address information we collect is never used for any purpose other than communicating with the parent about the child's involvement in Furthermore, credit card information is used only for payment processing for We do not store financial information such as credit card or debit card numbers. That information is retained by our payments processing vendor for the purpose of processing credit card payments made to

When a user submits a form to inquire about a topic related to, we may also collect the email address of the person initiating the inquiry for the purpose of responding directly to that person. Inquiries may be addressed to

We may track and collect non-personally identifiable information about which areas of the site prove most popular and which features of the site prove most popular. This information allows us to create other similar games and activities that may appeal to the broadest group of our user base. We also collect information pertaining to the in-game accomplishments of individual users for the purpose of informing each user of the specific accomplishments they have achieved and those in-game accomplishments they have yet to achieve.

Third Party Companies

We do not allow third-party companies to advertise on or to solicit our users in any way.

How To Contact Us

Should you wish to contact us for one of the reasons listed below,

  • - access the PII that we have collected online from you or your child
  • - to correct mistakes regarding the information we have for you
  • - to have us delete the information we have stored for you
  • - to request that we no longer collect information
  • - to comment on our Privacy Policy

You may contact us via email at OR you may contact us by mail at:

Applause Learning, Inc.
P.O. Box 1584
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

OR you may contact us by phone at 678.376.1601

If you are under the age of 18, you must have your parent or legal guardian's permission to call us.

Your involvement as a parent in your child's activity on the Internet is essential to insure a rewarding and safe online experience. We appreciate your and your child's involvement with