Teaching Kids About Money


As a parent, you know the importance of teaching your child about money. But most children had rather spend money than learn how to manage it. With the Coindexter Club, you can help your child learn to earn, save, spend, manage, and even invest money at a pace that is comfortable regardless of age. You can trust Coindexter.com to provide your child with hours of safe, wholesome fun as they learn lessons that will benefit them for a lifetime.


In the World of Coindexter, children develop a knowledge of money and how it works in an autonomous learning environment. Children earn money by performing chores and jobs, and they make decisions about managing the money they have earned.

Development of Coindexter.com is ongoing resulting in an ever-expanding virtual world. Your child will have the added benefit of improving his/her knowledge in the areas of money, math, science, history and more.


The virtual world of Coindexter.com immerses your child in a safe and friendly environment that strictly conforms to the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act. To review our privacy policy in its entirety, please click here.