Financial Literacy Curriculum for Elementary Students


Coindexter Academy

Coindexter Academy offers a unique approach to children's financial literacy. Based on national financial literacy standards, Coindexter Academy combines a printed curriculum with the game-based virtual world of Econopolis, so students learn all about money while having fun! Coindexter Academy is intended for use in grade three or four, but can be used with students up to twelve years of age.


Each student receives a 32-page, full-color workbook as well as a premium Coindexter Club subscription. Each lesson is presented to the students in class and incorporates a virtual mission objective to be completed on For each successful mission completed, students earn in-game medals as well as stickers to track their progress in the physical workbook.


The Teacher Resource Guide contains all of the information needed to successfully present each Coindexter Academy lesson. Each of the twelve lessons is broken down into sections including overall objectives, associated vocabulary terms, discussion topics, teaching approach, virtual mission objective, and national financial literacy standards. Teachers can also track the virtual progress of each student with their teacher account.

Getting Started

Getting started with Coindexter Academy is easy! For more information or to schedule a virtual tour of Econopolis, please click on the application tab at the top of this page and fill out the necessary info.

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