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Never before has a children's website been so much fun and so beneficial! is an online, virtual world that parents will be glad for their child to visit. The Coindexter Club sets the new standard for financial literacy among 6-12 year olds. By teaching children how to earn, save, spend, manage and even invest money, they'll learn to be financially responsible adults.

Marketing Benefits

The financial institution in Econopolis is the center of financial activity in the city. provides the unique feature of placing a real financial institution in the Econopolis financial district. This feature not only gives Coindexter Club members a connection between the virtual Coindexter world and that of the real world, but it also offers the sponsoring financial institution enormous marketing benefits by establishing a marketing presence within the household of every Coindexter Club member that registers through the financial institution.

Detailed User Reports

The financial institution portal allows you to view and download valuable user data. With the financial institution portal, your financial institution can track usage, view account information including parent name and email, download detailed user reports for internal use, and view in-game data to reward or rank top performing players.

Keep Your Users Informed

Using the financial institution portal, your financial institution can send notifications to all of your participating young members! Simply enter your text alert, and it will automatically be sent to each Coindexter Club member linked to your financial institution. As a licensee, you can also control the message board text in your virtual branch located in downtown Econopolis in order to further customize the game world and successfully connect with each club member.

Coindexter Prize Machine

The Coindexter Prize Machine works in conjunction with Professor Coindexter's trophy case to offer exciting, real-world rewards in exchange for virtual achievements. Using the financial institution portal, you can specify which (if any) Coindexter rewards to associate with a number of different trophies. These rewards help to reinforce positive savings behavior.

Attract Members and Their Parents to Your Branches

When a player earns a Coindexter prize, they are given a printable certificate specifying the username and prize earned. This certificate is taken to one of your financial institution's physical branches for redemption. Your financial institution's name is prominently displayed on the certificate as well as a web address where players and their parents can link to a page on your existing website detailing branch location information.

Coindexter Club Prizes

Choose from a wide range of high quality Coindexter Club prizes that your young members are sure to love. Our product line is constantly expanding and currently includes plush toys, flexible calculators, sticker sheets, magnets, posters, pens and pencils, backpacks, lunch boxes, t-shirts and apparel, and much more. Many Coindexter prizes can be customized to include your financial institution's unique branding.

Coindexter Club Products

For Coindexter licensees, printed products are available to distribute or mail to your membership. Applause Learning Inc. offers a full range of printing and mailing services. All products are produced in full color. Newsletters, postcards, and birthday cards are personalized to each member and prominently display your logo and financial institution name. Your financial institution is also mentioned throughout the text. All other printed and apparel products are customized with your financial institution's name and full color logo.

Sponsor the Coindexter Club In Schools

Coindexter Academy, an in-school education component, offers a unique approach to children's financial literacy. Based on national financial literacy standards, Coindexter Academy combines a printed curriculum with the game-based virtual world of Econopolis, so students learn all about money while having fun! Coindexter Academy is intended for use in grade three or four, but can be used with students up to twelve years of age. All Coindexter Academy materials are custom-printed with your financial institution's name and logo.

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