Professor Coindexter's Inventions

An Avid Inventor

Professor Coindexter has created many useful inventions in the basement laboratory of the Coindexter mansion. As a boy, Professor Coindexter's goal was to design machines that would revolutionize the way children performed chores. Coindexter's inventions help Coindexter Club members earn more money in less time. Most of Professor Coindexter's inventions can be upgraded to add even more earning power!

Recycl-o-sorter 2000

Doing chores around the mansion is a great way to earn money and keep Whimsley off your back! With so much activity in the Mansion, the trash really piles up. Use Coindexter's Recyl-o-sorter 2000 high volume recycling machine to separate glass, plastic, paper, metal, and garbage. The faster you sort, the faster you earn. Don't let the garbage pile up, or you will find yourself in a trashy situation!

Grime Blaster

Doing the dishes just took on a whole new meaning. Rapidly blast dishes from across the room with Coindexter's Grime Blaster water cannon. For quicker, more efficient dishwashing production, upgrade your cannon and earn more money. Cause a soapy splash with the water balloon launcher, but be careful not to damage any of the dishes, or Whimsley will dock your pay!

The Squeeze Factory

Ready to run your own business? Jobs can earn more money than chores, but be ready for the new challenges because responsibility comes with a price. Run Coindexter's one-of-a-kind lemonade stand and sell fruity concoctions to the entire neighborhood. Purchase your ingredients, learn the recipes, and take care of your customers in a timely manner or things could turn sour.

Delivery Dash

Speed is the name of the game, but don't sacrifice accuracy. Earn money for every Econopolis Observer newspaper delivered, but be careful. The cost of wasted papers will come out of your own pocket. Upgrade your delivery vehicle to balance speed, stength, and handling to maximize your productivity. Your delivery skills will soon be headline news!

Money Around the World Machine

As an avid adventurer, the Professor has traveled the globe to learn all the secrets of different currencies. He has accumulated all of his knowledge in the Money Around the World machine. In order to truly become an elite Coindexter Club member, you must have knowledge of not just dollars and cents, but of all the unique types of money from around the globe. Begin your journey by learning to match symbols. It may seem simple, but all great world adventurers must start somewhere!

Coindexter's Coin Sorter

Deposits at the financial institution are coming in at a record pace and causing a major bottleneck! Use Professor Coindexter's specially designed Coin Sorter to help the financial instititution sort out all of their deposits. Sort as quickly as you can in order to set new records and become a more elite Coindexter Club member!

Sauce Slinger

Get a part-time job at Hoagie Heaven and earn tons of cash filling sandwich orders. Professor Coindexter's Sauce Slinger allows you to blast sandwiches with ketchup, mustard, and mayonaisse at a rapid pace! Don't get an order wrong or you'll lose customers. Also, be careful not to sauce any items that found their way into the machine by accident.


The ATM tubes of Econopolis are under attack! Viktor Poluta's malicious Polutatrons have found their way into the tube network and are hijacking deposits. Use Professor Coindexter's Deposibot to explore the tubes, collect the missing deposits, and return them safely to the financial institution for safe keeping.

Mower Mania

Earn money maintaining the lawns of Econopolis with Professor Coindexter's eccentric mowers! Upgrade your mowers at the Gear Shop downtown. But be on your guard! Viktor Poluta's PolutaWeeds stand in your way. Their dangerous pollen bombs can wreak havoc on your equipment.

Top-Notch Teller

Get a job at the financial institution downtown, and help other Coindexter Club members make deposits and withdrawals. Top-notch Teller will significantly sharpen your money counting skills!

Coindexter Crops (Web)

Help Farmer Franc with the harvest! Quickly gather the genetically altered lettuce and cabbage to collect the coins they produce before they get shy and return to the soil. But watch out - Viktor Poluta's Poluta Weeds will pop up to keep you from earning money!

More to Come!

Not only is the most extensive game-based resource available to teach children about money, but it is also constantly expanding! We work hard to add new game content throughout the year in order to keep the virtual city of Econopolis fresh and exciting for our young users. Check back frequently for updates on new games, areas, activities, and items available throughout the world of Coindexter.

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