The Coindexter Club

Professor Coindexter

The city of Econopolis was founded by the Coindexter family centuries ago. Through the years, Econopolis grew and thrived under the watchful protection of the Coindexters. During the last several decades, Professor Phineus Coindexter has gained international notoriety for his skills as an inventor and adventurer. As a boy, Coindexter founded the original Coindexter Club; a group of technological whiz kids dedicated to revolutionizing the way children earn money by completing chores and jobs. Children everywhere rejoiced as the Coindexter Club's early inventions allowed them to earn more money in much less time.


These days the future of Econopolis doesn't seem so bright. While on a recent time traveling adventure, Coindexter's beloved time machine was sabotaged leaving the Professor lost in time! Although evidence is scarce, authorities believe the sabotage was the work of Coindexter's arch-nemesis, Viktor Poluta. With Professor Coindexter out of the picture, Poluta and his army of mechanical polutatrons are poised to take over the city!

A New Generation

In response to the imminent danger posed by Viktor Poluta, Professor Coindexter's elderly butler, Whimsley, has called on the children of Econopolis to re-establish the Coindexter Club, learn the secrets of Professor Coindexter's inventions, and rescue the Professor from his grim fate before Viktor Poluta can seize control of Econopolis. Led by President Penny Parker, this new generation of the Coindexter Club is ready to take on the challenge, but they need your help!

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