About the Coindexter Club

The Coindexter Club

The Coindexter Club immerses children in the exciting and educational world of Econopolis where they learn how to earn, save, spend, manage and invest money. The unique virtual world of Econopolis allows children to explore and advance at their own pace while learning valuable money lessons.

To learn more, view the Coindexter.com trailer to the right!

Coindexter Membership

There is so much to see and do in the city of Econopolis. Penny Parker, the president of the Coindexter Club, explains what it means to be a club member in the video on the left. As club members learn and advance, new areas, items, games, and activities are unlocked throughout the virtual world. To learn more about the history of the Coindexter Club and Professor Coindexter, click here!

Create Your Avatar

Each Coindexter Club member creates his or her own unique avatar to explore the interactive city of Econopolis. Players can customize every aspect of their unique avatar including skin color, facial features, hair, and clothing items and accessories. Players can purchase new clothes, hairstyles, and accessories from several different virtual stores in Downtown Econopolis using money from their virtual savings account. Click here to learn more about shopping in Econopolis.

Learn to Earn

Coindexter Club members can earn their own money by completing chores and jobs. Each chore or job is based on a real world activity but with a fantastic spin! Players can clean the dishes, sort the recycling, run a lemonade stand, deliver newspapers and more, but Professor Coindexter's inventions make the work fast-paced and exciting. Inventions can also be upgraded by purchasing new parts from the Gear Shop in order to earn more money in less time!

Learn to Save

Saving is an important activity for all Coindexter Club members. Each player's status as a Coindexter Club member is based on the strength of his or her virtual savings account. Players can deposit money into their savings account by visiting the financial institution Downtown or by using one of the specially designed Coindexter ATMs scattered throughout the city. Savings accounts earn interest, so players can deposit their money and watch their earnings grow over time. By saving, players can also unlock new areas, games, activities and items throughout the virtual world.

Spend Wisely

Coindexter Club members can spend their earnings on a number of different items including new clothes, hairstyles, equipment upgrades, and stock shares. With each transaction, players can pay with either cash or check and are required to manually count out the balance that is due to cover their purchase. Although players can spend money on many different items, they are encouraged to save their virtual earnings in order to unlock special features that are reserved only for elite club members.

Learn to Invest

The Econopolis Stock Exchange is an exciting and innovative feature of Coindexter.com and gives players the opportunity to participate in a dynamic virtual economy. All virtual sales from every store within the city of Econopolis are tracked, and based on our unique market algorithm, each store or business is assigned a stock value. Players can visit the stock exchange to analyze performance, purchase shares, and manage their portfolios!

Manage Risk

There is a lot of equipment to manage as a Coindexter Club member, and sometimes accidents happen. Make sure you're prepared financially by insuring your valuable equipment at Econopolis Insurance located on the Bouevard. Repairs can be costly, so protect all of your Coindexter inventions!

Complete the Quest

It is the mission of all Coindexter Club members to rescue Professor Coindexter before the evil Viktor Poluta takes over the city. Players must locate all of the missing pieces from Professor Coindexter's sabotaged time machine in order to restore the device. Once the time machine has been repaired, players must search the past for the missing Profesor. Learn more about the history of the Coindexter Club and Professor Coindexter.